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The Idea Behind

Locksmiths don’t have the greatest reputation, and we can understand why! Almost every customer has a story of a wayward locksmith. Perhaps you called someone out for routine service to change a lock and was told the price would be $35. An hour later, you’re faced with a $400 bill and a big frown. We’ve been there!

That’s why we created Fixed Price Locksmith. We value transparency above all else. FPL is an app Customer Login/SignUp that allows you to order a locksmith service with a simple click of a button. Before you even select your technician, you will know the price upfront. FPL lists qualified and professional service members in your area, who are only a click away at a reasonable and transparent price.

Who are we?

Fixed Price Locksmith is a company-backed platform for Locksmith technicians. We list professionals in your area who are qualified to perform all locksmith related jobs to clients in need. All this at a fixed, reasonable, and clear price! Simply download the mobile app and click “order” to book a nearby locksmith technician Login/Signup. We are rapidly growing and offer this service USA wide.

Why are we here?

We are here to solve all the issues related to the Locksmith field. With a set price, you know how much you are paying up front. All prices are lower than the current locksmith market value, and our friendly technicians are licensed.

All our workers undergo a background check.


Why Choose FPL

Fixed Price

  • Our clients are told upfront about what they will be billed for. We deliver reasonable and transparent pricing directly in-app- with no hidden fees. Unlike locksmith market practice, we want to work with our clients to ensure a smooth transaction and pleasant experience.
  • Our prices are reasonable and below market value.
  • We offer a range of services and technician options, from essential servicing to complete locking audits.

Faster Arrival Time

  • We are a delocalized platform, which means you can access FPL anywhere in the US! This national presence means less wait time, as we will find the nearest available technician to you, ensuring quick and reliable service!
  • On average, our clients wait less than three hours for service.

Avoid Scams

  • Ironically, the locksmith industry has ‘unlocked’ business practices. This means there is a lack of government regulation within the trade, resulting in over-charged clients and unsafe working conditions. FPL is the solution to this.
  • All our technicians are licensed and undergo rigorous background checks.
  • We regulate pricing to ensure that you (the client) are treated fairly.
  • Our business rests on providing safe and reliable services to customers.

Licensed Technicians

  • All of our technicians are licensed according to state requirements. Where strict licenses aren’t required, we conduct rigorous background checks and ensure quality before allowing technicians to work with our clients.
  • We value your safety and satisfaction and will always prioritize our customers.


Fixed Price Locksmith

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Fixed Price Locksmith

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